Welcome to the world of test specimens

Rocholl GmbH is specialized in the production and distribution of test specimens mainly for testing sealants, adhesives, paints, varnishes and cleaning agents. Special fabrications for use in test laboratories in industry, public test institutes and research centers also constitute our product range.

After steady growth in past years, more than 20 specialists are now employed at Rocholl´s. All are highly skilled in this area. Our suppliers and our partners are constantly monitored to ensure high quality.

There are several reasons for employing our service. The most important is that we are the best in test specimens, and we can prove it. The ISO 9001 seal as well as our many satisfied customers will confirm this.

For more than two decades, well known companies have trusted in us and in the quality of our products. And they profit from our experience, flexibility and reliability.

Our Products & Industries

We manufacture test specimens

  • wood
  • plastic
  • metal
  • glass
  • concrete
  • ceramics
  • stone
  • tiles
  • fibre cement
  • test specimens for dental adhesives

We offer tested quality

Our products are exclusively custom-made in line with your requirements:

  • indeed customizing is key
  • and unusual dimensions,
  • special materials and special surfaces are par for the course

Industries of our customers

  • automotive industry
  • aviation industry
  • insulating glass industry
  • construction industry
  • road building
  • medical engineering
  • promotional materials
  • rail vehicles
  • machine construction

Get to know our strengths

Our test specimens are second to none. When delivered, the parts are marked with the date and the production lot to ensure traceability. We also supply a quality certificate for the raw materials used (certificates 2.1 or 3.1B).

  • Certified quality
  • Expertise for over 35 years
  • Manufacture of special fabrications

About the Rocholl GmbH

35 years ago, Rocholl GmbH started to specialize in the manufacture and distribution of test specimens. Our range of products has been expanded continuously in order to accommodate customer requests and now we deliver test specimens for almost any materials testing application.

Custom-made specimens for test and research institutions represent a welcome challenge for us. We have more than twenty employees, each one an expert in their field since in-depth knowledge of materials and their properties plays a major role in the manufacture of test specimens.