We love a challenge


We are more than happy to take on special designs.

It is our aim simply to translate your specifications into a top-quality hand-made product.

We rely on special machinery, which can be used without any problems for the processing of individual items and batches, in order to meet your requirements. Trust in our competence.

Special designs

Special designs in line with customer specifications

  • Milling of profiles
  • Special concrete designs
  • Rings for placing Shore test specimens
  • Milling of dumbbell test specimens for tensile tests
  • Multiple test specimens according to DIN 53281ff
  • Stainless steel rings for tests according to EN ISO 10563
  • Spacers for standard joints according to ISO 11600
  • Spacers for elongation test according to ISO 11600, made of aluminum or PMMA in various % values
  • Feed mechanisms
  • Test devices as individual pieces or in small series

Production of special materials

  • SMC test specimens with class-A finish
  • Injection molded test specimens as sheets
  • Fiber-reinforced plastics with small diameters
  • Die-cast test specimens made of aluminum, magnesium & zinc as sheets
  • Paint finishes in automotive quality
  • Concrete in accordance with various standard specifications as slab or block
  • Special materials, such as leather, standardized cotton fabrics, shoe sole material